Is BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding worth the hype

I finally got my hands on BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding!!! Following me buying the wrong product but falling inlove with BLM naturals anyway.

Funny thing, I finally got my hands on the BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding on the sale shelf at PnP, this is months after it being sold out whenever I looked for it. Like I couldn’t find it for months because it was so popular, now PnP was like here take the BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding for half price because our customers don’t know about these things…

Any way I finally tried the BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding and these are my thoughts…

I find the texture weird.

A few natural brands have a pudding in the range but this is the most puddingy pudding I’ve tried. It’s slightly like an underset pannacotta, like jelly but not…

It’s doesn’t have great slip

Some curling products could double as a detangler, this is not the case with the BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding. But it doesn’t bother me much, that’s what my Tresemme botanique conditioner is for.

The smell is super mild.

Many natural products can be overpowering in scent, not this one, it’s kind of pleasant but not in a way you can put your finger on. Like you don’t outright smell like a tropical fruit or a candy store. It’s just lightly fragrant, which is a win for me.

A nice shine.

I find that I don’t have to pull out the oils when I use this product, there’s a nice moisturised look to it and I need that, with my hair colour. It also means my moroccanoil is lasting longer than it usually would.

Curl definition

My hair texture is all over the place, my mom has 4b hair and my dad’s hair is pinstraight so mine has a bit of an identity crisis . This product seems to make my hair seem more or less like it belongs on the same head and I totally appreciate it.

Final verdict

BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding is super affordable as in under R50 – that’s not even a sample size in some natural products. It’s moisturizing and leaves my curls looking super cute…

So that a yes from me!!!! with the BLM naturals spray being a must have item for my morning styling routine

3 thoughts on “Is BLM naturals curl hydrate pudding worth the hype

  1. Aphton Shaw says:

    Thank you for the awesome review. Please advised how long the product held your curls and if you used gel. Also what porosity is your hair? I have high porosity and find that I cannot go longer than 3 days without having to refresh and would so love to be able to leave my hair alone for 5 days or more without manipulation.

  2. Loraine says:

    I’m glad you finally did a review after you got me hooked on the conditioner review.BLM is now my favorite and stable buy and works wonders for my hair and gives me the longest wash and goes ever and has saved the amount of oils I have to use and does well with out any gel so that’s a big win for me.

  3. Naydia Bleu Johnson says:

    I’ve recently cut my chemically damaged hair and I’m looking to get this product. Takealot click pnp all out of stock. Any chance you know where I can purchase it ?

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