Top tips for improving your quality of life (Tammy Fry)

I was lucky enough to join, Tammy Fry, International Marketing Director of The Fry Family Food Co., a certified plant-based nutritionist, creator of The SEED Blog, international spokesperson, animal rights advocate, athlete, and mother, for the online version of her wildly popular “Seed Workshop” and have learned a few things I would like to share.

Tammy Fry chatted about a bunch of things during the workshop, this includes gut health, supplements, and food choices. However, the biggest take away was the simple changes you could do right now to improve your general health and quality of life.

Tips from Tammy Fry

Up your water intake

Apparently not having a water cooler , like at the office, has decreased my water intake considerably. There is no denying the importance of staying hydrated, for gut health, for skin, for so many things, so refill those bottles – and then actually drink the water.

Get some fresh air

I used to take the boys for a daily walk at the beginning of lockdown, that habit became a distant memory and the boys are not too happy about it. The vitamin D, the fresh air into your system is such a health boost and it is free so try to schedule a few minutes outside your house.

Exercise everyday

This does not mean you need to suddenly buy a whole in-house gym, but Tammy (a nutritionist and athlete) believes that adding 30minutes of exercise to your day can make the world of difference to your overall health.

Up your vegetable intake

I am always so surprised when grown adult humans say they don’t eat vegetables. Seriously what are you even eating? grains and meat I’m guessing. But there are a multitude of health benefits attributed to eating more veg. From upping your vitamin and mineral intake to just giving you an extra dose of fibre. Most veg are also low in calories so you can eat more.

Sleep more

This is going to be the most difficult for me to do. I have been falling asleep after 2am to be up before 7am ever day and that is awful. Lack of sleep is attributed to lack of productivity, concentration and even obesity.

Find a sense of purpose

Doing something that feeds your soul is so important. Something that makes you feel happy could ultimately make you feel healthier and I’m 100% here for that

For more info from Tammy Fry check out her blog

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