Uptown girl or down town chick

Me in blue tights at SAFW

So this morning I overslept, as in really overslept. Because I work “out of town” I usually take the train (regardless of people’s opinions, I like taking the train because; it’s cheap,I don’t have to face rush hour traffic, I have met amazing people and have I mentioned it’s super cheap) anyway missing the train means I am now updating my blog from a taxi blasting music from old school musicals, while I sit lodged between a construction worker and someone I assume to be a secretary (SA for you).
Walking to taxi rank made me realise that I like how random my life is and how I have lived two sides of a story.
Thinking about my life I have to say I love that I’ve lived in a small bachelor flat as a little girl, moved eight times to a point where I could pick my bedroom out of seven.
Went from watching my parents take on handy man jobs to make ends meet (my mom would sew my dad would fix things) to helping my dad set up his own business.
I love how I know how it feels to be searching the house for change to buy bread, but have also been lucky enough to have eaten at many fancy restuarants and know that pine nuts and rocket are some of my favourite salad ingredients.
I love how I know how it feels to be thankful for school uniform because I had nothing nice to wear any way and I like how it’s taught me the value of looking good without me forgetting that the outside of someone is nothing more than a mask.
I love how I’ve played in the same roads others see as dangerous and have gone on to attend fashion shows around SA and even Brazil.
I love how my husband and I know the worry behind having to choose which bill to skip and how to stretch 100 bucks over a month, but we also know the joy of having no fears of debtors phoning you and getting to decide if we want sushi or steak for supper.
Most of all I love how I have never wanted for anything, how my parents would do anything for my siblings and I and taught me the pleasure in giving. Their lives have set the example that working hard you can have your dream.
Thanx mom and dad and thanx Rob for working towards “the dream” with me.
-have a great day guys, just remember “be careful of the toes you step on today, because they might be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow) 😉

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