What 30 years of marriage taught me

My parents celebrate 30 years of marriage today…
A real achievement in this day and age especially if you factor in how different these two are.I swear it’s like they filled in a dating profile with the words “I would like someone so far from my personality it’s scary”

My mom is cool calm and calculated, every thing is thought through and organised while my dad flies by the seat of his pants, he does everything instant and big while my mom is reserved and calm. She speaks when spoken to or after a glass of wine and he never shuts up 🙂

But they have that “stay up if he works late”, “check on her if she’s home alone” kind of love. It is the kind of love one  could spot from miles away. 

At my dad’s birthday party this weekend my mom said that marriage was not 50/50 if you want something to work you don’t go half way. .. marriage is 100/100 it’s about sacrifice and truly accepting that you are no longer just looking out for yourself… powerful words I’d say.

I’ve learnt a lot about marriage and love from these two even though neither of them had the best role models when it came to relationships growing up (both sets of grandparents were involved in pretty destructive relationships).

I learnt about team work by watching them work together for everything they wanted, I learnt about sacrifice by watching them give up and go without in order to save and I learnt about never being “too big” to say you are sorry.

Living together is one thing loving together is what I witnessed and what I strive for…

Happy anniversary may God grant you many more years together 🙂

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