Does this natural bum balm really work?

A baby bum balm review: By now you guys should know that we are Bubiroo fans. From the healing balm to the dry shampoo Bubiroo gets a thumbs up from us.

This is why I had to outsource the bum balm review. It worked a charm on Liam but a part of me wondered if I was being biased, you know like when you like a brand and then suddenly they can do no wrong (this is how Kim K manages to find buyers for her 435 nude shades) …so I called in reinforcements.

I asked my friend Jenine to help out, her and her son Zain helped me figure out if store brand nappies where as good as brand named ones and I know she’s not shy to be honest, here are her thoughts:


So when it comes to bum creams I tend to get a little picky about things. One of my pet peeves is to open my sons’ diaper and find a rash. So, when asked to try out the Bubiroo Bum Balm I was eager to put it to the test hoping for the best. The overview…I am SO happy I gave it a try. Since I’ve been using the bum balm my little one’s hinny has been so much healthier. So, my 4 reasons for loving the Bubiroo bum balm:

1) It smells nice. This is a lovely addition to the task of changing a nappy. One of the care helpers at my son’s school also commented of this bonus 😊

2) Once the bum balm has softened @ your touch it is so easy to work with and it feels so nice – little hack – the balm is hard to the touch initially and now in winter, it can be a mission to get it to soften up. Queue the excuse I gave my husband as to why I needed a Magnum ice cream…use the ice cream stick to scrap the balm out of the tub and then place it on your palm. It softens quickly from there and is a dream to apply

3) All the ingredients are natural and safe – this has become a particularly good point since my son seems to have developed an affinity for its taste. He always tries to sneak a bit of the balm and has been known to cry real tears when I refuse this request. So it’s comforting to know that even if he does manage to ingest some I don’t have to freak out about it

4) It works! I have been using the bum balm for the past 3 months now and every time there is a start of a rash/even a full-blown rash I see a difference after 1 application of the balm. Either the rash has cleared/the situation has dramatically improved. To date, I have never been disappointed with the result

As soon as Jenine could see the bottom of the jar she ordered again so its safe to say we aren’t being swayed by the fact that the homeopath mommy who created Bubiroo is super nice. You can get  your own by contacting Bubiroo directly

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