I’m not making a natural hair statement…this is just my hair

Are you making a natural hair statement? or like me are you just “doing you” and are a little confused as to why people think that there is something behind your curls except some natural hair products.

This is a question for the Natis out there…Is it just me or are people too vested in your hair? Like do you also feel like you are constantly on a tightrope between people who can’t stand your look and those who are super behind you?

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Trusting your stylist (dramatic new look reveal)

I’ve gone through many stylists over the years (many a traumatic story).  I mean how else is someone with no upper body strength and enough hair for three people going to deal? But never has “trusting my stylist” been as important as right about now.

I got it into my head to do a big chop and start afresh… Because my hair is looking like an outward representation of my emotional being right now which is bleugh, I feel bleugh, I look bleugh.

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Straight and natural, is that a thing (with tips)

When it comes to hair, being natural means something different to everyone, for me it means free of chemicals and heat and results in a large curly fro, but a blog reader has got me thinking…

Jenade King answered my call for natural hair styling tips (this call is still going guys, message me!) Although she has given up the creamy crack (relaxer) and other chemical straighteners, this Nati is not heat-free … ” I’d rather have that smooth silky look “

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