My tips for traveling with kids

We literally just got back from an over 10hour (each way) trip to CT – the first long journey with both Aidan and Caleb.
I went with my parents and siblings (Rob had to work) and I picked up a few tips for traveling with littlies…(P’S.  I hate feeling confined so long trips have never been my favourite)
– keep your snacks in a easy to reach place like a small cooler bag at your feet(if it sounds obvious you probably never had to stop the car in the middle of nowhere to rummage through your luggage for a sippy cup)
– stop frequently as having kids couped up together in car seats can make for a situation where the usually calm/mild mannered older one gets fed up with having his hair pulled and arm licked and then  grabs the little ones pacifier/dummy as revenge and throws it away (oh, just us? Never you mind)
– take doubles of toys because fighting will occur! Actually doubles don’t work because whatever the other one has is better even if you can’t tell the difference with the naked eye…The other one is better
– if someone hands your kids balloons…pop those suckers or release before the kids get attached…actually, when you see approaching balloons RUN!!! Grab a kid under each arm and make a run for it. (Unless being bopped in the head for hours with a balloon tickles your fancy or seperating balloon fights in the back seat seems like fun, in that case do you boo)
– if you have access to a big vehicle 7 seater (bless your heart) or even more than one…that’s awesome for seperating kids because – shut the heck up that’s why
– wet wipes… just yes! Lots! 
– make sure your electronics are charged because hell hath no fury like a toddler who doesn’t get to see the end of his saved (did you know you could do this with YouTube clips when in wifi areas and you can watch in dataless times) videos of opening eggs end – spoiler alert it contains a crappy toy
– But most importantly try to see things from their perspective… The miles of tree lined roads are “like forests where dragons live mommy” and a lake you pass by is “like the book you read me mommy” watching the world out of the eyes of a toddler is an amazing thing… A sort of “round two” if you will.
Have an awesome day…my tired is currently tired 

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  1. cat says:

    What works very well when they are older is to pack each kid their own little cooler bag with snacks and drinks that they can use as they like and access themselves. Hope you rest well

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