Celeb chef Siba Mtongana talks time management

Celebrity Chef Siba

I am super excited to launch my new EXPERT HACKS series with the amazing Siba Mtongana, yes THAT Siba. The one from TV who makes every meal you have ever tried look like 2min noodles.

Each week I will be interviewing a different expert and this week I got her – super excited.

She is well known for her show ‘Siba’s Table’ on DStv’s Food Network, which premiered in 2013. It now broadcasts in more than 130 countries worldwide, including the UK, USA, Australia and many countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Most recently Siba has released a cookbook,My Table, which has become an instant hit. My Table has taken South Africa by storm and has already made history as the best-selling cookbook ever to have been stocked by Woolworths SA. Thus far it has sold over 33 percent more copies than any other cookbook Woolworths SA has ever carried.
I asked the “media mogul” how on earth she does it all with hubby and kids in tow and walked away with these 5 time management tips, not all of them apply to me, as I can’t exactly afford full time help BUT I really see where she’s coming from with all this, delegation and “me time” is key…
– I always try to strike a balance with work and resting. It’s very important to rest and recharge so that I can be very focused and productive the following day.
– I understand that I can’t do all things at once as there is only one me. So I make sure I have support structures in place to help me with my daily duties at home and for my work.
– I have a full time helper at home and an agent who does all my booking and runs my diary. I also have personal assistants who help me with daily office duties. It comes at a cost but is a worthy investment for any self employed business and family woman.
– I also schedule time off to rest so I don’t burn out.
– My husband is very supportive as well and that goes a long way. We still do date nights on a weekly basis to spend time together without the kids as it’s important to do so for us.

Please share your own time management tips below.

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