My 3 month old :)

How is Aidan 3 months already?! Where had time gone?

Here is this month’s catch up;

APPEARANCE: Still not sure of Aidan’s eye or hair colour, seems to change often..he is a big boy and is completely out of newborn clothes and many of the 0-3 pieces are becoming too small now too.

PERSONALITY: Although Aidan is still pretty much a serious kid, he chats and laughs and smiles much more. He still gives stangers dirty looks but a friendly face can look forward to him stealing the show. With his curiosity in over drive you can expect him to put up quite a fuss if you obstruct his view…no head covering or turning towards your chest for this boy.

ROUTINE: Health wise he is doing so much better so he is a bit more predictable…its basically, play play fuss fuss sleep drink play fuss and tons of spitting up in between. On good days he even soothes himself to sleep.

LOVES: he still licks everything but now he can bring more things to his mouth . . .spit everywhere…he loves sticking his hands in his mouth and kicking blankets off has become a game (to him-its annoying really) and also loves changing time.

DISLIKES: He can’t stand bath time or being held tightly, he is not a fan of cuddles, you basically need to act like furniture so he can lay or lean against u-he is very independent like that (or is bbfthat bossy? Hehe)

MOM: Sadly it is almost time for work ๐Ÿ™ but hey you have to get back to the real world I guess…I’m still pretty bumed about my size but am at least dressing better and am even in heals again ๐Ÿ™‚ go me :p
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