Our MyKi watch experience

We recently tested out a MyKi watch and I have some thoughts. Firstly this was not a sponsored post,  I was just chatting to the PR person running the MyKi watch campaign , saying that although I liked the concept,  I was not sure it would work for Aidan and she said, “hey test it out for two weeks and see what you think”…

So here is what I thought.

The Good

  • It fits him really comfortably and that’s saying something as he is quite a scrawny little thing (does that count as body shaming? Does it count when I think he is adorable? Not sure).
  • It is really easy to download the app, we put it on my phone, Robin’s and my parents’ and we all found it easy to use (not my mom so much, but that’s because she find technology annoying).
  • You can check your child’s location at anytime, I could look in from work quite easily and I am like 45minutes from home.
  • We can call him at any time and we can set numbers for him to call us at the touch of a button.
  • It has a charger so I don’t have to fiddle with (or pay for) tiny replacement batteries
  • He could (if he knew how to read) send me messages.
  • The SOS button has a trick to it that he understands so it doesn’t go off unnecessarily.
  • It tracks his activity through the day which is great.
  • You can set a parameter and an alarm will go off when he leaves the demarcated area.
  • You can buzz him at any time which is great for busy spaces because an alarm will go off alerting you to his whereabouts.



The Bad

  • If your phone doesn’t have signal in a certain area you can’t use the app (which is obvious if you think about it, but still annoying)
  • It’s not exactly super affordable (R2699 prepaid)
  • The battery doesn’t last as long as I expected



The Meh

  • You need to remember to charge it almost every evening which I guess is like a phone, but it can be tedious
  • Aidan keeps taking it off and putting it back on (you get alerted to this by the way) because he is four and gets annoyed by things quite quickly

Overall… I liked it, it gave us peace of mind and it gave Aidan peace of mind;  “If I press this button you will find me right?  the bad guys can’t take me” I like that, the world is a scary place and child trafficking is no longer a Hollywood movie  plot, it’s nice to have that instant connection with your child and it’s much more affordable on prepaid and you don’t have to worry about loading airtime.

MyKi Watch is available  in Vodacom Shops , Vodacom 4U and Chatz Connect on a Flexi 110  contract for R129 PM X24 giving R110 of value in voice , data or SMS monthly. You can also get it on Prepaid for R2699.

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