A Christmas Gift from the Letter lady (win win win)

I came across the Letter lady on facebook (Do you ever go out and meet people in real life? Do you Eleanor?) I was so impressed with their products that I simply had to ask Janine van Loggerenberg if she would join in on my Christmas giveaway. She said yes because who says no to me? (many more people than I’d like actually) She actually said yes because she likes spreading Christmas joy and I am so glad to have her on board.


Before I tell you all about her, just a reminder of how this competition works…I am filling bag at home with Stocking Stuffers. I will announce a new addition to the competition every Tuesday and Thursday and at the end of the run (first week in December) someone will win the  whole package…Back to how you can win a Elf door for your little one

The Letter lady has been in business since 2009. This is when Janine moved to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town with dreams of starting her own business.

“I wanted to import resin letters from overseas but the letters would easily break so I looked for other avenues. The first letters I made was covered with scrapbook paper. Then I met a mommy who could paint the letters and she joined the team. We currently have 3 ladies painting our letters,” said Janine.

Their work is amazing! and their love for the business is rooted in two things:

  1. “Being creative every day!”

2. “Receiving emails and orders from clients who have kept on coming back and that love our work.”

The products are filled with colour and whimsy and the attention to detail is impeccable. The prices are really reasonable for small batch hand made items and they can personalise!

This Christmas the boys and I will be putting up a little elf door in the house. I love the drama and magic that comes with little additions like this. It is especially important if your child is a cynic like mine. He has far too many questions about Santa like who pays for the building material, do I think Santa does it cause he can’t have children of his own, also why does Santa use the same wrapping paper ma (grandmother) has in her sewing room.

What is even more exciting (for me more than you if I’m honest) Janine is helping me give my little cynic a big boy room for his birthday…I have been a little slow with updating the decor (he has a changing table and a nappy bin – enough said) I want to go super hero and she sent me these beautifully painted doorknobs to add to the decor. Keep an eye peeled for the room reveal post.  But first what you have been waiting for…a chance to win

Go to The Letter lady website and look around, then let us know what your favourite product is and follow the entry prompts 🙂


Quick prize recap….Rocking Toys , Geek World, Japsnoet, Mari’s Fudge and Brittle , Little Lotus Kids Yoga


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