When the baby talks back

Aidan will be three in April and is such a chatterbox… I thought I’d share some of his comments with you guys 🙂 Disclaimer: He replaces the R sound with L and when there is a L in a word he just skips it, hahaha

-(While watching TV) I can’t see nicely I maybe need glasses (Rob and I both wear glasses, think he feels left out)

-Ma looks sad ill take her some of my happy biscuits (crackers) Then watches her eat while asking if she’s happy yet

-We don’t have to buy Caleb birthday gifts he can just share with me and other people can buy for me and I’ll share that too

-Sorry I’m nagging maybe I’m tired

– (We are always arguing about eating) You don’t have to keep giving me lots of foods I only want toast,cereal,apples and yogurt, easy, see

-They don’t pay you at school I want to work rather

-(Replying to someone asking Caleb’s name)…You know he can’t tell you because he can’t talk

– (Caleb trying to get Aidan’s attention) You must use your words, no one understands you

– I’m only going to talk in singing so you must sing at me today

-I don’t want to wear pajamas tonight, can I sleep in a tummy and legs rather 

-(Seeing the sun stream through the door)… its going to get hot here, better find shade

– It’s fun in Caleb town (Cape Town) we must come again

– (Me doing yoga) Why you sleeping on the floor, is the bed broken? (comes running to me with pillows) the pelloes will help

– Oh no it’s the moon (I ask why he is upset at the moon) the moon means night time then you are going to want to dudu (sleep)

– (I tell him to get ready for sleep) It’s okay you can dudu I will play quietly (reduces volume on his leap pad)

This is such a fun stage, have your kids said anything funny lately?

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