The right way to make coffee and a Mastertons suprise

Can you make coffee? Apparently there is a right way to do it and I didn’t know it till last month!!!

How have I lived  32 years (shameless referral to my birthday yesterday) and not know the right way to make coffee? Because no one showed me that’s how. Yes I can make coffee with instant granules and I can use the capsule coffee maker. The coffee I’ve been messing up is the filter kind.

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Win Kirstenbosch Concert tickets with Vibescout

A trip is not on the cards for me soon. SAD!!! So I need one of my Cape Town readers to attend the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert in order for me to live vicariously through them please… Actually tag me in a picture guys! Photoshop me in! hahahaha, live MY dream.

This isn’t an empty threat/promise/comment people! South Africa’s hottest events app and Kirstenbosch are giving away 2 actual real live tickets to the show of your choice. 

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Awesome party DIYs and the chance to party with Appletiser in New York

Given any thought to your New Year’s celebrations? I have, and so has Appletiser, it seems…they are giving 50 people the chance to each win a New Year’s Eve party, this includes one lucky person who will be jetted off to New York!!! Yes THAT New York, the one everyone from Frank Sinatra to Jay Z have sung about…


Details to their fabulous competition below, but first two DIYs that are sure to be a hit at any New Year’s Eve Party…

Allow me to show you how to make your own party popper/glitter cannon/sparkly things shooter/mess maker and yummy Appletiser based ice-lollies

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