The Beauty Store addition to the Christmas bag (win win win)

Remember earlier this year when I told you about The Beauty Store  I mentioned how amazing the store was for make up artists and novices alike? Well Gillian from The Beauty Store has been kind enough to add a little magic to the Christmas haul prize in the form of a Switch & Blend by Dupe.

What is this Switch & Blend I speak of? Well  it’s a little sponge thing in a tin container, it’s great if you don’t have a million brushes or feel like cleaning the million you have. Basically by wiping the brush on the black part you rid it of product and can go to the next colour without transfer. So your pallet doesn’t look like a 5-year-old’s art project. The white piece in the middle is dampened and used to moisten your brush and give your eye shadows a darker look. AWESOMENESS! and Gillian has given me one to give to one of you lucky people, it’s worth R120 guys.

I am expecting a Christmas card or a cookie from the winner of this haul cause this prize is LIT! you get prizes from….Rocking Toys , Geek World, Japsnoet, Mari’s Fudge and Brittle , Little Lotus Kids Yoga, The Letter Lady.  Hasbro, Mastertons, Koosh Toosh ,Buburoo

But before you enter here is some info about our latest sponsor.

The Beauty Shop opened in July, after Gillian Pillay, a qualified MUA realised there was a gap in the local beauty market.

” I always wished there was a local establishment stocking products (not just online) , that’s how the concept for The Beauty Store started. As I started building relationships with different brands, I started the conversation of bringing them to PE,” she said

“Makeup is something I am passionate about, I do still work full time, so I work in the store over weekends, it is something that keeps me busy and its the best feeling being there and being able to help other MUA’s or makeup lovers,” she said.

Much like Gillian, the business name is quite classy, “I wanted something minimalist  and not over the top. The Beauty Store popped into my mind immediately and it stuck,”

The store recently moved to Hub on the Hill  which is at 22 Raleigh Street, Richmond Hill so if you are in the area do check it out, they have some nice specials running at the moment.

To enter the competition go over to the FACEBOOK PAGE and see what you like, then comment below 🙂


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