The Gift Emporium gift that keeps on giving (win win win)

The Gift Emporium sent me something special, one of the most novel stocking stuffers I have seen in a while and I am so excited to try it out for myself.

The Sow delicious slab of seed looks like a slab of chocolate (I had quite a time convincing the boys that it is in fact not chocolate)  but it’s really an awesome way to plant your own food AT HOME…

Aidan is in a planting phase, and unlike the apple tree he is adamant will grow from the seeds he planted under the jungle gym this is likely to work out pretty well.

This is off the manufacturers site…


I mentioned Gift Emporium on the blog before…They helped me spoil my dad for Father’s day , remember?

The business started in March this year as a market space for local creatives. It is the online extension of  the shop On a Whim in Johannesburg and is run by Terry Young. This mom of two runs the online division which means meeting suppliers and seeing their handmade treasures before anyone else does (lucky duck)

“We support local designers and artists and are always excited to find new products for the store and the online shop”

What makes Terry most proud is that she has had a hand in every aspect of the store.

“From the website design, to the logo, to the products we offer, to the way the packages are presented. I guess I can call Gift Emporium my third child. I was there from the first spark of an idea and hope to have it in my life forever. We can grow together and continue to showcase and promote locally made items. Local is lekker!”

If you want to win this ridiculously cool prize head on over to their site…GIFT EMPORIUM and have a look around then comment below what tickles your fancy…

You could win:

Go to Kidcoco’s facebook page and decide what you would like beautifully wrapped and comment below… This will give you the chance to win the beautiful amber necklace and a host of other stocking fillers from ..Rocking Toys , Geek World, Japsnoet, Mari’s Fudge and Brittle , Little Lotus Kids Yoga, The Letter Lady.  Hasbro, Mastertons, Koosh Toosh ,Buburoo ,  The Beauty Store and Kidcoco


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