5 ways to update your little boy’s winter wardrobe

I have been looking at ways to update my boy’s winter wardrobe. The child is growing like a weed (at 5-years-old his feet practically hang on the ground when I have to carry him) so I don’t want to buy too much because he is not likely to wear it for very long. But it’s cold out here and also since he was little I have liked to play dress-up with my kid so I called in an expert.

Jill Oppelt Theunissen of Lil Punk Boutique specialises in boys wear. Well, she has two preschool aged sons so she specialises in boys everywhere (indulge me and my boring jokes). She has branched out and has the cutest girl things as well….seriously check out the Lil Punk Instagram feed. but for now… here are tips for the little boys.

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Tips for not killing your friends on a couples retreat

We recently went off for a couples retreat with two of our oldest and dearest friends. I then received comments like “I don’t know if I could go away with friends without people plotting murder” people told me they thought it would be easier if it was more couples or if the kids went along and that a three day long double date was asking for trouble… who are you guys hanging out with, sheesh, hahaha

So I thought I’d share our tips for successful cohabitation. We went on a weekend long couples retreat and still like each other.

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How to waste a Sunday and give zero figs

I’m not one to waste my time, unless it’s on worries, I waste a great amount of time thinking about things I have no control over…Sunday I decided to fig it (that’s my preferred term for now) and do nothing, think about nothing and just exist.

These are six ways I turned my brain off and decided to take a much needed break from my life

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Old-school tips for going green

You guys know that I’ve been going green for a while now…instead of just giving up all my worldly possessions and living off the land I’ve been trying to make a few life changes (like Aidan’s party) and just live greener you know. Like the difference between refusing a drinking straw in a restaurant VS only drinking water from streams using my hands (kidding not-kidding).

I decided that I would share some of the ways I’ve (we) have been trying to live more consciously , starting with these old school methods.

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An eco-friendly party on a budget…

I wanted to give my little eco-warrior an eco-friendly party this year… Within the time and money constraints I was facing. I mean I couldn’t have the party in a hut on a mountain, (where we hiked because of the carbon footprint) and ate only 100% organic produce picked by the light of the moon wearing only certified vegan flip-flops… Not yet anyway.

So how did a run of the mill, mom with a penchant for cheap imports make things reduced waste and vegetarian? Well….

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