Vegetarian party snack ideas from your Supermarket

So why am I doing a post on vegetarian party snack ideas? Well as you might remember I am vegetarian for the month, and also the festive season seems to have started early…This means I’ve found myself staring down a lot of cocktail tomatoes lately.

I don’t like to be THAT friend, requesting a menu of my own, so I’m more than willing to bring an extra plate of things to supplement the spread. But, I’m also lazy hence making a list of snack ideas from the Supermarket, aka things that don’t take a lot of time to prepare.

As I mentioned before Fry’s Family Food had sent me a few products to make my vegetarian month a little easier so their products are definitely included in my list of vegetarian party snack ideas but as always I’m 100% honest with you guys.

Also, I’m vegetarian, not vegan so cheese and eggs will be found on the list.

Vegetarian party snack ideas

Fry’s Chickpea and Roasted Butternut balls

Seasoned with fresh sage and cumin, rolled in a light crumb, these are so good! They are great for dipping into things and let’s be honest I just like butternut…I even have a pumpkin pie recipe using butternut.

(240g at just under R50)

Fry’s chickpea and quinoa falafels

Made with an authentic recipe, combining a savoury blend of chickpeas, fresh coriander and cracked black pepper, these are not only party food, they make a nice lunch wrap. I like falafels and these are as good as ones I’ve had in restaurants and way better than the ones I tried to make at home, which were good but wouldn’t stick together. The quinoa adds more texture than what I’m used to in falafels, it’s more grainy almost, but still yum.

(270g at just under R50)

Fry’s Rice protein and chia nuggets

These things taste like actual chicken nuggets! I know my husband would not agree but I’ve had many a chicken nugget in my life and these stand up against the best of them. I asked a few vegetarian and vegan friends and so far most agree with me.

(240g at around R30)

Today mini cheese rolls

These have always been a party favourite of mine, I tried a dupe the other day and I was deeply emotionally scarred by the deceit. They tasted awful. These, however, taste SO GOOD

(pack of 40 for around R50)

Today Mini Spinach & Feta Rolls 

These are fairly new to me but they are a firm second to the cheese rolls. The spinach tastes like an actual vegetable in there, if you know what I mean

(pack of 40 for around R50)

M brand Spring rolls

These are from one of Makro’s in-house products. I bought them for Aidan’s last birthday party and they are so good. Like ridiculously so. I actually just bought them because they were on an R100 deal but now I always keep an eye out for them when I visit Makro.

(12 in a box but often sells at 4 boxes for R100)

Fairview Camembert Cheese Spread

I playfully call this adult Melrose, but flip it’s good. It’s a nice addition to your cheese platter especially if you are budget conscious but don’t want to skimp on variety.

(Around R30 a jar)

Fairview Blue Mould Cheese Spread

This one is for more hardcore cheese lovers but it’s the same basic principle. An easy to serve gourmet cheese in a jar.

(Around R30 a jar)

Homemade cream cheese

I could not do this list without adding my “homemade cream cheese recipe” Mix it with any pesto or sweet chili sauce and you have a whole lot of dip to go around. It is super easy to make and only requires one ingredient:


Vegetarians tend to love vegetables (I know, shocker) so a stop at the veggie isle for peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots and olives which you can serve raw is always a winner (also those happen to be my favourite raw snacking vegetables) You can eat them with the dips mentioned above or just some yummy yummy hummus.

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