Water saving ways to stay cool

Every one should be on a water saving mission at the moment…South Africa is currently experiencing a drought, following the lowest rainfall year recorded. There are water restrictions and water shutdown’s and at the same time IT IS HOT AS HECK OUT HERE!

It’s pretty tough to stay cool these days , especially for little kids, so I thought I would share some water free ways to beat the heat…

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Awesome party DIYs and the chance to party with Appletiser in New York

Given any thought to your New Year’s celebrations? I have, and so has Appletiser, it seems…they are giving 50 people the chance to each win a New Year’s Eve party, this includes one lucky person who will be jetted off to New York!!! Yes THAT New York, the one everyone from Frank Sinatra to Jay Z have sung about…


Details to their fabulous competition below, but first two DIYs that are sure to be a hit at any New Year’s Eve Party…

Allow me to show you how to make your own party popper/glitter cannon/sparkly things shooter/mess maker and yummy Appletiser based ice-lollies

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Radio/TV Personality Kia Johnson talks beauty



Today I chat beauty and mammahood with SA tv and radio personality Kia Johnson.

So before I disappeared from the blogesphere last week,  I shared some expert hacks from celeb chef Siba  This week I have another celeb expert sharing her tips and tricks – this time on beauty.

The ridiculously beautiful Kia “How on earth is she mom of two under five” Johnson shares some of her beauty tips and chats about being a mom of two:

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Everyday hacks part three

It’s a new month so here are some new tips and things 🙂
Last month I did my first few everyday hacks which I dubbed #ellabellatips I wanted a place to share quick tips I came across or knew of so I took to instagram to post it. I then realised that I should do a monthly round up,for those who don’t follow me on instagram (you should though, just saying) so here we are with my third installment 

A quick keep busy tip…mix a bunch of small toys and buttons into play dough and give it to your toddler to uncover 😉 

Weird tip to get sand out of curly hair…baby powder and light vacuming…CRAZY but true

Although dehydrated kale flakes would be way better for him. Otees cereal packs make for the ultimate picky eater travel food. Shove it in his bag no mess no fuss

Have a bag of toys ready for the long road
, play dough, colouring and small cars are always a win 

you can make a quick little gift by cutting out two felt hearts and tacking together
leave a space on the top to make a book mark or the bottom to make a pencil holder

Incorporate your kid in your daily exercise to cut down on mommy guilt

colouring in letters of the alphabet are a great way to teach letters 🙂

Please tag me @justellabella or #ellabellatips with any tips you would like to share 🙂